Nano broke me

Well, not literally, but maybe. I threw my back out last week after doing absolutely nothing. I woke up with a hurt back that hasn’t gone away in a week. That’s how energetic I am. I pull muscles more muscles in my sleep than most people do in a decathlon.

So all the pain and then the pain pills and then the cramps from the pain pills have given my nano word count a big ol’ hickey. I’m still ahead of the curve, but I want to be done, friends. If I don’t sprint ahead at the very beginning of nano, I lose momentum quickly. I know, I know. Poor little old me. ^_^

My back has been hurting night and day, and just when I had my kidney stone a few years ago, I wonder how people with chronic pain get anything done, like ever. I really just wanna lie in bed and whine. Well, part of me does; another part wants to yell at me for being a whiner, and what’s left over just wants cake.

How do you deal with pain? Push through? Collapse into a ball? Drown your sorrow in cake? Sometimes I get so angry because there are things I want to do, and not only does the pain stop me, but I know that if I push myself, I can make my injury worse. Then I’d have no one to blame but myself, and no one would be sympathetic enough to bring me cake.


12 thoughts on “Nano broke me

  1. OMG! I just mentioned my shoulder and neck pain on my post today…after running about with my kiddo and doing 7k words for my NaNo project during the weekend. I pushed through the pain for a little over a day then gave in and got myself some Icy Hot patches when I couldn’t turn my neck. Plus ibuprofen and Therma care. I tend to be somewhat sappy because I want to do so much and can’t do anything. But I hope you get better soon and get to eat lots of cake.

  2. Oh friend, I am so sorry. Reading this post I simultaneously feel “hey, someone gets me!” and “F*ck, someone I like is also in pain.” After years of chronic pain, here is my advice: take it a day at a time. Its easy to get really discouraged and start thinking you’re never going to feel better. And its easy to be so worried about feeling worse tomorrow that you overdo it on the days you feel some relief. Take it a day at a time. If your body needs rest, make yourself rest. And remember that it’s not just “okay” to take a break, its necessary. Like, for your survival. If you are in pain, the most important thing you can do is pay attention to it. Even if its Nano this month.
    And when you feel a bit better, do a little, but dont overdo it. This is crucial to avoid feeling helpless and frustrated all the time.
    I really hope this is a temporary thing for you, and if you’re still feeling this way in a few months we can start a “we drink and eat cake in the daytime” club.

  3. If they didn’t give you a muscle relaxant, ask for one. When I do damage like that I often think the Flexeril does more than the pain pill or at least they work together really well.

    I don’t pull things often, but I do seem to jump from flu to flu — or my immune system is overactive and keeping me feverish and ill — so it feels like I do nothing but whine. I was sick for the first week of nano and today when I’m feeling better I started some of that cleaning that gets forgotten on the sick days, so don’t worry. You’ll still be able to beat me 🙂

    • They did give me something like Flexeril, Marilou, but I can only take it at night because it knocks me on my ass. I’m sorry to hear you’re sick so often, maybe staying a little sick will keep you from being terminal. ^_^

  4. Hey, Barb!!! I’m so sorry that you’re in pain. When I’m not feeling well, which is mostly when my stomach is messed up, I’m no good. All I can do is wait for it to pass because my mind can’t help but to be distracted. I think it’s more than normal for you to be less effective…take this time and take care of you!!!

  5. Unfortunately, I do suffer from chronic pain. I still fight it and hubby tells me to just give in and go for the drugs. Sometimes I do when it gets too hard to concentrate, but I hate to do it. It makes me dopier than I already am.

    Pulling your back is so common and it happens a lot during sleep. Our bodies are supposed to go rigid during REM sleep so we don’t hurt ourselves–but you know all about best laid plans. 🙂

    If it doesn’t get better soon, consider a chiropractor. But what helps me most is one of those TENS muscle stimulators. Here’s a listing at Amazon.

    They really work. And they quickened my recovery after knee surgery.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Thanks for stopping by at A Nudge!

    I’m sorry to hear about your pain! That sucks. I have to admit that I’m a big baby when it comes to pain. I whine a lot, even if it’s mostly to myself. Haha. If it’s really bad, I don’t try to push through. I basically accept that I need rest / to give it time to heal. It sucks when there’s a lot you want to do, but I figure by giving myself time to get better makes for less headaches and more time to do stuff later. That and cake/chocolate/delicious things help. 🙂

    Hope you’re better soon! In the meantime, enjoy your cake! And hey, at least you’re still up to speed with your NaNo word count! I’m hopelessly behind!

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