Sing it with me, kids…

Nano ate my brain!

It’s day two of nano, and I am taking a break to tell you I’m at 11,837 words. I hope to break 15K by the time the day is over. That’s midnight over, not the end of daylight. No one’s that fast.

If you’re following me on twitter (and why aren’t you if you’re not?!?!!?) you know that I wrote to the point of pudding-brain yesterday. That’s why I’m blogging now and not later. If I waited until after I’d nano’ed some more, all you would see here would be the word “blanket” over and over or me droning on about how much I love corn.

Instead of that, I’m going to give you what you want…

…pictures of dogs. I’m a sucker for a gimmicky set of dog toys, so I bought this over the weekend:


Yep, that’s a Hillshire Farms-esque set of squeaky toys complete with plastic pear and cheese wedge, fuzzy cheesy ball, squeaky sausage, crunchy cashews (full of crinkly paper) and a plush jar of squeaky mustard. So…freakin…cute…




The dogs thought they were mighty tasty.

When we handed them out, all you could hear was muted squeaking. It reminded me of after the teacher handed out the crayons in first grade: complete silence for a few precious moments.

Daisy was in heaven.

Polly got her squeak on upside down.

She didn’t even notice when we set the plastic cheese on her belly.

Except when she tried to eat it a few moments later.

Because they are such big dogs, toys like this don’t last long and we had to pick them up after a little bit to save them. They’ll get destroyed soon enough, but I like to be there when they play with soft toys because they’ll actually eat them if left unsupervised.

Vet: “Do you see this large white spot on your dog’s x-ray, Mrs. Wright? We’re still trying to determine what–”

Me: *sigh* “It’s a squeaky pear.”

Vet: “That’ll be all your money to remove it, please.”

Yeah, supervised.

What’s goin on in the real world?

6 thoughts on “Sing it with me, kids…

  1. Yeah, we used to give our guys little plush toys but I got tired of picking up bits of stuffing. So now I buy them giant Kong toys.

    Despite the advertising, the Kongs are not indestructible, but they last longer than other toys.

  2. Hey Barbara,

    I am so glad I found your blog! I have been searching for that pear from the Hillshire Farms style doggie basket for my dog. It is his absolute fave and we got it as a gift a year ago. Where did you get it and or which company makes it please?


    Best Regards,


  3. My poor dog Clancy became attached to the cheesy ball from this set…super bummed we can’t find it anymore! He literally walks around the house looking for it…poor fella!

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