Maria Zannini’s Chain of Souls released today!

Chain of Souls
Book Two of the Second Chances series

Banished from Heaven for refusing to harvest an unwilling soul, Liam Chase drinks to forget until the night he’s visited by the Angel of Death.

For the price of a few humans souls, Ziva promises to get him reinstated into Heaven. Liam doesn’t doubt her influence, but milking humans of their light is an abomination, punishable by eternal oblivion.

He’d rather rot on Earth than commit such an unspeakable crime. But the Angel of Death didn’t get where she was by taking no for an answer. Ziva is a huntress of extraordinary skill and cruelty. If he refuses, his loved ones will be her next targets. And Ziva never misses.

Sounds pretty awesome, guys. Buy it on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords.

In case you missed it, you can find book one, The Devil To Pay, at Amazon, Smashwords, & B&N

Hurry, run, buy your copy before they run out! I don’t care if you can’t really “run out” of digital copies! You never know when their sites could crash!!!!!

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