It’s dolphins all the way down

I learned a few things this week. Posts about writing will get comments, but posts about dogs with socks will bring visitors by the droves. ^_^

I also learned there are some cool views in my neighborhood. I went for a walk yesterday (in the finally cool weather) and it ended up lasting two hours. Here’s one of the reasons why:

It’s kind of hard to see from my phone pic, but that’s a hill. I’ve never really lived anywhere with significant hills before. (Yes, I know, o people of the mountains, that you have seen bigger and better hills. ^_^) Of course, the walking down was easier than the walking up, and the hill continued after that corner, all the way down to the depressed area in the distance. (I didn’t go THAT far.)

Along the way I saw an awesome tree:

If you look closely, you can see the moon showing itself during the day.

And I spotted a neat little function house:

Not quite sure what it’s for yet. Maybe parties or weddings. This is a huge neighborhood, what they’re tying to push as a planned community, and it has lots of parks and pools and function rooms. There’s even an elementary school INSIDE the ‘hood. What I like about it is the miles of sidewalks. Without any hiking trails close, sidewalks are the only place I can walk without the risk of getting run over or wandering onto someone’s property.

And the last thing I learned this week is….

I HAVE A BOOK COVER! >_< SQQQUUUEEEE! So excited. I don't think I can show you, yet, but I will as soon as possible. To keep you until then, here's a photo of the congratulatory balloons my husband bought me:

Nothing says congrats like a mylar dolphin. Remember that. ^______^

What fabulous or not-so-fabulous things have you learned in the week since I’ve seen you?

4 thoughts on “It’s dolphins all the way down

  1. I have learned children can be quite resilient. After chipmunk’s noggin took a licking from a failed faux-ballerina move, she got up, laughed it off and got a little ice so she could keep playing. Made me think about how I sometimes react when I collect my wounds in life.

    Congrats on the book cover and the shiney blue dolphins to celebrate. 🙂

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