If I can just rant here for a little bit. I hate organizing food for a big group of people. There, I said it. I love having people over, but I hate deciding what we’re all going to eat, especially if we all have to decide on what kind of take-out to order.

Everyone is talking and happy, and with forced cheerfulness, I have to say, “What’s everyone want to eat.”

Dead silence. A herd of deer in headlights, if that. Many ignore me. At best, I’ll get shrugs.

No one wants to answer this question. No one wants to be the first to stay, “Chik-fil-a!” or what have-you and have their suggestion shot down. For some reason, in my experience, people tend to take their restaurant preferences personally. You didn’t fry the chicken, but if someone else thinks it’s gross, that’s like a kick in the gut.

So, since no one will speak, I have to, I have to have all of my preferences shot down. Worse than that, sometimes people will get that look that says they hate chicken, but they’ll shrug along with it anyway, just so no one gets upset. As a fairly picky eater, I hate when someone tries to force food one me, so I make it a goal not to force food on anyone else. This includes making someone eat take-out that doesn’t really appeal to them. I can read it in their faces.

Do you hate this too? Are you ever stuck at a party saying, “Pizza? Chicken? Veggie burgers?” and having no one speak to you? Or having everyone violently disagreeing on what should be had? I’ve pretty much had enough. Tonight, I said, “Let’s everyone do their own thing and meet-up back here for boardgames.” I’m hoping it works out. Wish me luck. ^_^


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  1. I like “The Restaurant Game.” Someone proposes a place to eat. If someone in the group doesn’t like it enough, they can veto it, but then they must suggest another place. You cannot suggest a place that has already been vetoed – unless you’re the one who originally vetoed it, then you can change your mind and put it back on the table. You can veto your own suggestion, usually at the beginning where everyone just lists places they absolutely will not go. You keep playing until someone proposes a place that no one hates strongly enough to veto.

    This kills the problems of one person naming places and getting shot down over and over like you said, Also ends the problem of someone just shooting down everything without suggesting anything productive. As the game wears on, people become less picky and will even propose something they solo-vetoed earlier just to get going. But we can usually pick a place generally agreeable to the group in under 5 mins, normally with everyone content if not excited and always without anyone being really put-out.

  2. My solution tends to be that I invite people over including whats on the menu e.g. “hey, wanna come over for pizza and movie night?” That way if they want cheeseburgers, they can either request them or bring them over, no hard feelings. Its a little weird for me as a vegetarian with mostly meat eater friends, because I really can generally find something anywhere we go, but I have no opinion between like Fudruckers and Tacos. People are always like “Oh, let’s go get this! But oh NO what about you, shelly? What WILL YOU EAT?!” I’ll speak up if I need to (e.g. if someone throws out KFC) but I can make it work anywhere. So I hate talking about where to eat because I hate feeling like a problem! Interesting how much this topic resonates with people…

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