War Games by KS Augustin

My first book review ever is for the new sci-fi romance, War Games by KS Augustin.

I started out slowly with this book. I was scared of it, like I can be scared of all science fiction (at least a little.) I mostly watch sci-fi and then read fantasy and worried that there might be a lot of technical terms I didn’t understand in written science fiction.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve read a lot of sci-fi in my time, but I feel this familiar sense of fear every single time. It usually doesn’t stop me, which is why I’m slowly but surely making my way through Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy. That being said, I had absolutely no problems with War Games. Every technical gadget or area of science that’s central to the story is explained simply and deftly, and I never once found myself running to my old calculus books.

Instead of techno-babble, War Games is swimming with the kind of story lines I like, moral conflicts, personality clashes and good old-fashioned sex in the workplace. The main character , Cheloi Sie, has so many sides to her that I found her both chillingly alarming and toe-curlingly titillating. She’s ruthless because she has to be; she’s unfeeling because that’s how she was taught to act in order to survive, and she loves both her friends and her enemies for playing their parts so beautifully. She’s got her role in the universe all figured out. Unluckily for her, a beautiful young woman lands in her lap, a woman Cheloi would love to have if the two of them weren’t trapped in a deadly war zone. Do you think she’ll let that stop her? ^_^

I’m fearful of spoilers, so that’s all I’m going to say. You’ll have to read the book yourself to find out what happens. After I read the first chapter, I consumed the book in two days, often telling friends and loved ones that I’d “be right there” after I read “one more chapter.” I thought I’d found a breaking point on the first day until someone said, “torture her.” Then I knew I was hooked for another night.

Everything you need to know about the book including where to buy it can be found on Kaz’s website. Helpfully, the end of my ebook had teasers for some of her other works, so you’ll have your next reading list all ready for you. ^_^


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