The online writing community

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + (Sometimes Myspace). And those are just the tip of the social media iceberg. More and more, it seems writers are hearing about these must-haves for getting their names out there before publishing, hell, before they even start writing. Build a friend-base, that which goes before fan-base. Then you’ll have more people to guilt into buying your book when it eventually comes out. ^_^

Add to that one’s own blog and then the myriad of groups there are to join, online writing groups and hashtag groups and nano groups. Huge writing communities where you meet a few people you get close to and a ton more that are just casual acquaintances. I wonder what the actually sales numbers linked to this sort of thing are? Sales of those with a large media circle compared to those with a small one?

Of course, I’m not doing it for sales. (Surely everyone says this? ^_^) I love the writers I’ve found, the groups I’ve joined, the friends I’ve made.

Broaduniverse and The Outer Alliance have pointed me toward Crossed Genres, where I made my first sale.

Critters gave me friends I’ll keep for a lifetime (Hello, Pattie and Daniel!).

And as for the blogs I follow, well, I’ve gotten valuable support and advice (and some awesome good reads, Maria and Kaz!) not to mention invited to another blog and a given a really cute coin purse (looking at you, Marilou). As for the rest of you, (Faith, the Carols, Cat, Jackie B. Victoria, not to mention the Backspace folks and my writing group) and all the rest who’ve stopped by to comment, I love you, too, even if you never buy a book.

How did you jump on the social media train? Were you encouraged as a writer, or did you just want to meet other people like yourself? What’s your media outlet of choice? (If you’re on twitter, find me at @zendragandt and I’ll follow you back. ^_^)

4 thoughts on “The online writing community

  1. My friends had to drag me kicking and screaming into FB and Twitter.

    Even blogging took a while, but back then it was the social network it is today.

    I enjoy FB and blogging, but Twitter, not so much. I just haven’t found my groove yet. I read some of these tweets and they seem so empty and self-indulgent. Maybe I’m not looking at it right.

    • You might want to look into Tweetdeck, Maria. I’ve heard it can simplify your social media life big time and help you manage your twitter feeds so you really only get the posts that are important to you.

  2. I love blogging, which I started doing as a way to organize my own thoughts on writing topics. This summer I was too busy/tired/stressed to post more than a few times, and that has caused my daily visitor stats to climb to all-time highs. Makes me think keeping quiet may be the key to my writing success. 😦

    My nieces talked me into joining Facebook last year and I have 28 fb friends so far. Most of them are relatives, and only 2 of them are interested in writing topics so I seldom can think of anything to say–the Like buItton is my best friend there!

    I haven’t tried using Twitter yet. It sounds like a lot of work to learn to use effectively, so I will wait until I see a real need for me to join.

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