Updates?!?! Seriously!?!?

Whew, what a couple of weeks. I’ve been moving and unpacking and generally worrying over nothing (my favorite hobby.) Now, I’m unpacked enough to blog. To my surprise, that had to be really unpacked. I guess I can’t blog in too much chaos.

Of course, it could be much worse. My heart goes out to the poor people nearby whose homes have been destroyed by wildfires. If you’ve been evacuated, I hope you can go home soon to find your house unscathed, and I hope with all my heart that the fires can be gotten under control soon and that no one else need lose their home or life.

When I get everything settled exactly where I want it, I’ll post some pics of my new place, complete with map and the schedules of those living or spending time here so anyone can rob me at their convenience. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on my newest project (more details later!) and trying to keep up with all your blogs! So sorry I’ve been MIA.

How many of you are planning to Nano this year?


14 thoughts on “Updates?!?! Seriously!?!?

  1. Barbara Ann you and I are now neighbors of a sort, welcome to hazy Central Texas. Hope all of this is not affecting your area and never will!

    Thanks for stopping by today and following the blog, am going to be on and off next couple months as not sure what is going to happen in near future but everything I scheduled last month for September and October will post and there will be dead spots depending on whether I have time or mental fortitude to work on new posts.

      • Barbara we are very fortunate that we left before being evacuated, we saved the important stuff ourselves and our pets.

        Please do not feel sorry for me, now that we have had time to look at our computer files a lot of our photos can be reproduced and re-framed and hung on the walls again when we get our “new home”. Which is what it will be, a new home well away from the fire zones and furnished much more sparsely this time around. No more cramming ever drawer with items that are essentially useless clutter no matter how much we like them.

        We have already gotten the wheels turning and all our ducks are lined up in a row so we are on the way to putting this behind us as soon as insurance adjustor gets to do his assessment of the property the way it is now.

        Just wish us luck in house hunting and keep praying for all of Texas as we are not out of the woods yet with the fires.

  2. Where we are we only get hurricanes and earthquakes (apparently). The area where I lived didn’t get hit by the hurricane too bad, but we apparently have more coming our way. I intend to go out and fight them off with a baseball bad and electric drill.

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