Like me everwhere, and don’t be afraid of the pizza buffet

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you look out the right side of the blog, you’ll see the buttons to my facebook fan page and my twitter account. Hint, hint. No rush, only, when I take over the world, you’ll want to already be in on the ground floor. ^_^

As you know by my copious rants, I live in a college town. Many of the young people I encounter on a day-to-day basis are morbidly conscious of being observed. (Could this be because I’m staring at them? Meh, probably not.) This became no clearer than when, the other day, I visited a pizza buffet and saw a very pregnant twenty-something filling her plate with salad while staring longingly at the huge pizza spread.

O__O Honey.

Get on in there! Not as many people are staring and judging as you think, and even if they were, pregnant women are one of the few classes entitled to put some serious hurt on a pizza buffet! No one is going to fuck with you, no one is going to sneer. Hell, most of us would probably nod. And if some douche did give you static, you need only look divinely sad and stroke your unborn child while tears dribble soundlessly down your face. We would attack said douche like a pack of rabid wolverines if s/he made you cry!

Speaking of crying, you’ll be weeping into your corn flakes if you miss Maria Zannini next week. She’s stopping by with her Indie Roadshow, and it just won’t be the same if you don’t show. ;__; *sniff*

I swear, I’ll get back to talking about writing one of these days. Probably after someone buys my freaking house! What are you working on/reading right now?


10 thoughts on “Like me everwhere, and don’t be afraid of the pizza buffet

  1. I have done absolutely nothing useful this week. Instead I have checked out all but the first and last Betsy Vampire Queen books by MaryJanice Davidson (those two were already out and unavailable) and read/reread all of them in a row. It was interesting to watch a comedy turn into a dark comedy… Maybe it already was dark since she was dead and there are some serious issues in it (like child abuse, non-acceptance of gay people, other general nasty stuff),,,, but really the entire tone has changed in the last few books.

    Ooh, I know, Let’s call it research. Then I can pretend it was useful rather than lazing off. (Except I couldn’t write funny to save my soul) But that’s really all of my accomplishments for the week. (dealing with new dog, finding our steam cleaner died right about the time the carpet really really needs it, having the cutco guy call out of the blue and offer to come over and sharpen our knives because somehow he knew I have been meaning to do that for a whole year and hadn’t gotten around to it –that, or our gourmet friend called him and asked him to call us and pretend it was his idea so she could cook at our house again without bringing her own knives, schedule a professional to come clean our carpets so I can spend time doing research and hopefully buy a new carpet cleaner that will last more than two years — except I’m getting old and time shoots by faster now (or there are fewer reference points like exams and new appartments) so maybe it did last more than two years and would be worthwhile to fix, but I just don’t know….)

    So, yeah. Not much at all.

  2. Well, I WAS researching a new enormous series. Only to discover yesterday that the program I’d stowed ALL my notes in took my notes – and never saved them. Not. One.


    No, I don’t feel better yet. I hate this stage and this didn’t make me feel any better. I somehow always manage to make myself feel like I’m not doing anything productive while I’m researching….

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