Yoga for beginners

Some of my favorite poses:

The Spider in the Drain

Good for your back.

The Sideways Doggie Paddle

Swimming is much easier without the water.

The Monday Morning

Just pretend it isn’t there.

The Sad Entreaty (with bonus time-traveling Daisy)

Neither will fail at scoring you food.

The Laser Ballet

Dance can’t be boring with laser danger.

The Loaf

‘Nuff said.

The Onion Roll

That’s how they pack in the calories.

The Backstroke

I tell you, dogs have figured out this swimming thing.

The Laser Gargoyle

Terrifying. Advanced: do not attempt unsupervised.

The Laser Commando

The most advanced pose. By the time anyone sees you, they’re already dead.

Sorry I was AWOL last week. Big big news is afoot. I’ll tell you more when I can. Don’t forget, Maria Zannini will be here on August 3rd. It was going to be the 6th, but you know time travelers, very hard to nail down.

Do you do yoga? And are you as good as my pets?


12 thoughts on “Yoga for beginners

  1. My poses are the inventive ones keeping me touching three dogs at a time (none of whom want to touch each other) to reassure them I did not send them to the vet because I stopped loving them. New normal (hopefully) coming soon.

  2. I’m considering taking up yoga. Not sure I’ll be able to handle the complex moves your lovely pets are demonstrating, but I’ve mastered the laying down part already!

    Love those pictures!

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