My collections part 3

Why, yes, I do collect lots of stuff. Besides pens, I also have a costume jewelry habit. And since I’m part magpie, I buy for sparkle.

My problem was how I could have them out to look at them all the time without them getting in the way. Seriously, who’d want to hide sparkle? I decided to utilize the bare walls on either side of my bathroom mirror. Last weekend, I finished some displays. The right:

And the left:

Many of these pieces are from a local shop called Boutique Ginny, a few are from clearance sales and even more were made by my friend Mari Ferguson, who should open her own Etsy shop.

Here are some close-ups of my favorites so you can better see. These two came from Ginny’s. The shop has this same style in more than these colors, and the magpie in me wants to collect them all:

I really love these, but those earrings can get pretty heavy.

Here’s a little display I really liked making. I bought a paper mache mannequin from Micheal’s (along with the shelves and jewelry displays) and I made a little dress out of it from wrapping paper before hanging two necklaces on it.

The larger one is actually an aspen leaf dipped in silver. The two hanging necklaces I got from a garage sale and mended or polished as best I could.

Now, just in case your ne’er-do-well cousin is looking over your shoulder, let me repeat that with the exception of the occasional silver piece, these are all costume. Completely fake and not one of them cost over $20. They’re not worth tracking me down for. Seriously, a pawn shop owner would laugh at you. And my pets would maul you to death. Yeah. Because they’re fierce. And dangerous. Believe it.

My newest:

And a set I got for Christmas flanked by a blinged-out frog and turtle:

I don’t have many places to wear many of these, of course. Often, I buy just to look at them, but I wear them for the occasional fancy dinner. Did I mention that Boutique Ginny’s also has tiaras? Talk about something I’d never wear, but someday, I’ll have one. And I’ll wear it to the grocery store.


11 thoughts on “My collections part 3

  1. I’ve got a shiny collection too though mine is mostly from garage sales. I’ll try to remember to share pictures later — and offer you first refusal next time I get into a cleaning habit and decide to downsize.

  2. Pretty! I like sparkly jewelry, too. My favorite is a huge ring my sister bought me from Avon when I was a teenager. It looks like a miniature version of the dome at Epcot Center in Disney World–only super sparkly.

  3. I’m not so much for the sparklies (although I love the pictures of yours!), for me it’s the combo of color and softness….yarnz.

  4. whoops, hit reply too soon. Except for my sparkly trollbead bracelet. never wanted one, mocked my sister for having one, and then my mom gave me one and I can’t stop staring at it. so green and shiny and pretty!

    speaking of my mom, she has a little silver dancing rabbit to hold/display rings. great personality…and practical, too.

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