The small press march continues

I submitted to another small press today. Blurgh. I’ve almost gotten to the point where I can say that in the same tone of voice as, “I went to the bank today,” or “I’m off to buy some throw pillows.” There’s hope, resignation and a sense of the everyday about the whole thing. I can’t say I get the exact same mishmash of feelings about throw pillows, though.

I’m doing pretty good on my current project. Spending most of yesterday at IHOP eating waffles and writing helped a lot. I’m definitely going out somewhere again this week to see if I can keep my roll going.

As for pen displays, I haven’t started trying to make a wall display yet. You all had some excellent suggestions, and I think the one that I might try first are those foam shapes that you buy at hobby stores. From what I’ve seen they, have all sorts of shapes and I could paint them and then mash pens down into them. I’d have to figure out how to hang them on the wall….

What’s taking up all your recent time?

12 thoughts on “The small press march continues

  1. I love IHOP! Some wonderful characters hang out there and I always come home with new ideas for my writing. Plus, I love pancakes.

    As for what’s taking up my time: my daughter. She’s home on Spring break and has no one to talk to during the day but me–and I’m loving it! If she takes up every minute of my time, it’s ok, because there’s nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my kids. There’ll be time for writing (and housework) after she goes back to school. Except my son is on break next week, so maybe I’ll just keep sitting aroung talking a while longer…

  2. Oh man, wish we had an IHOP here. I really miss them. I’m soooooo envious. Um, is it too insensitive to say I’m waiting on edits for a novella? The anthology cover came through just this morning and I’ll be posting it up at my GoodReads blog on Friday. And yeah, what M said.

  3. Hang in there. With every submission our writing gets better and we learn more about the business.

    What keeps me busy? Life. Kids, new puppy, spring, my preschool and editing.

    No new words lately, just revamping the old…

  4. The submission process apparently goes on ad infinitum… the day you get “the call” you’ll be shocked into joy!

    I’m taking part in Denise Jaden’s “March Madness Challenge” this month, with reading and revising as two goals. The end of each day arrives too quickly, however, because I don’t seem to be getting all that much done. ::sigh::

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