Baking post

I did a lot of baking this past week, most of it for my husband’s birthday. I can usually only make tasty but ugly food. I think these came out well, though. Wanna peek?

The cake in the foreground is supposed to be a heart-shaped bed covered in teddy-bears (gummi bears). It’s from the game Fallout 3, one of Ross’ favorites. In the tupperware are cakeballs and behind them is a pan of chocolate and peanut butter brownies. (Without the nuts in that recipe.)

I was pretty proud of the bed cake. Here it is without bears:


For those who don’t know, Fallout takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, which is why the blanket on the bed is so effed up.

I discovered cakeballs years ago at Bakerella and they’ve been a favorite of…everyone…ever since.

They’re sort of like a truffle, but ten times easier to make. Always a crowd pleaser.

The brownies were richness on top of richness with a dollop of sweetness.

Oh so good

I had to cut one out because I was worried about how done they were on the bottom. Oh, don’t worry. I disposed of that brownie properly. ^_^

Here we are, ready to serve at Ross’ office:

The skull candle is what everyone at the company blows out on his/her birthday. On the tabletop is the company logo for Frogslayer Software. I helped make that table! Under severe guidance, of course. ^_^

Did I mention I love birthdays? And my husband? Combine the two together and I had to make three cakes. ^_^


10 thoughts on “Baking post

  1. Apparently I’m not the only nut job who collected things and put them on the heart bed. Here’s a guy who stacked money on his:

    and here’s a guy who stacked bears on a normal bed:

    Also, my wife is the best.

  2. After last weekend’s four surprise birthday gatherings for our son and his wife (their birthdays are a day apart and it was his 50th), I think I’ve eaten enough goodies to last me for a good long while! But I like the sound of those chocolate peanut butter brownies… two of my favourite ingredients! Your hubby is a lucky man.

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