Deep in outline land

Some stories I can write from the hip, just going along, balls out, nano style. My newest project, however, is going to take some planning.

And lots more research. I forgot what a pain it is to write in the real world. I’m getting out my note cards, firing up my pens and outlining and plotting like I never have before. (WTF?!?! How does one fire up a pen?)

It’s hard to choose between my lovelies, though. I have so many pens now that they’re pushing me off my desk. I need a way to display them on the wall. Any suggestions?


8 thoughts on “Deep in outline land

  1. I think rather than choosing which pen to use, you should choose 10, and tape one to each of your fingers. Then you can switch between them at will, and they’ll all (okay, 10 of them) will feel equally loved! Er, unless you’re not ambidextrous, in which case things are going to get kinda awkward…

    But no matter. As for displays, I have no idea. What about those framed window boxes? Then put a small layer of foam on the bottom so you can push the tips down into it. They’d at least stand up that way.

  2. Ooh, put them in a shadow box. Any Michael’s or other craft store will have what you need. Line it with velvet (black) if they’re colorful pens, or a neutral (light gray or tan) if they’re very dark pens.

    If you do this, you MUST post pictures.

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