This one’s for the spambots

I think I’m finally famous, guys. The spambots are leaving at least five comments on all of my posts. I finally made it! So, this is what fame is like!

Or not.

Anyway, I’m in serious trouble. I just found out that sharpie occasionally puts out limited edition colors. I had to buy them all. What the hell did I do before I had a “stingray” colored marker?!?!
Did I mention I’m a sucker for a pen/marker sales tactic? You already guessed? You know me so well!

I have my small press list whittled down. And soon, I will be making my first submission to Pyr. I’ve heard a lot about them, and I actually own some of the books they put out, and I think they’re a solid outfit. Now, if I only I can summon up the courage to begin the submission process all over again. Sigh. I think I’ll just submit instead of waiting for the Amazon contest. As I said before, I don’t have a hope in hell of winning, and I want to get this submission show on the road.

Tomorrow and hopefully every Wednesday, I’ll be blogging on Fansci. So far, it’s three women talking about everything sci fi and fantasy. Come check it out.

One more tidbit. In case you haven’t heard, Maria Zannini is holding a follower contest on her blog. Prize is a shirt or a critique of a 90K novel. She promises to be brutal. ^_^

What’s the first web contest you ever entered? It’s been so long for me that I can’t remember, but I think it was for a book.


14 thoughts on “This one’s for the spambots

  1. Ref: She promises to be brutal. ^_^

    No one has ever died from one of my critiques. Heck, some of ’em even got published.

    Ref: pens
    Do you keep them in an oxygen free vault to keep them from drying out? I can just imagine your collection a hundred years from now in some pen museum.

    • Spambots are programs that troll the web and leave comments on blogs. They’re not dangerous. They’re just trying to get a link to the page they’re connected to on your page. WordPress and Blogger are both very good about catching them. They’re usually very generic and say stuff like, good job! very informative blog! or good point! while not referencing anything you actually said.

  2. Barbara, thanks for the extra follow, but I have a feeling you followed (somehow) as your LJ persona before. I’ll have to check. You may have more points in the contest than you think. ;D Thanks for the tip on Maria’s contest! Next to her generosity, I feel like such a mizer! 90k critique. Wow.
    I was impressed by Pyr as well. They’re even approachable on their blog – I spoke with one of the editors there. I am going to do Amazon – not because I have a snowball’s chance of winning, but because I’ve received awesome critiques in the past. ;D I’m a sucker for a good critique. Good luck with Pyr and let me know how it goes. They’re someone I’d consider, too.

  3. LOL – Nope, it took me awhile but I’ve checked and there is NOT another you out there. I guess you just commented so often, I assumed you were following me! ;D See, you could have got away with it, too, if not for those meddling … hmmm. Watching too many cartoons, I think. ;D

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