One small press for man…

Or woman, in this case.

So, thanks to Marilou’s suggestion to check out Duotrope, Maria’s list of more small presses, and Carol Garvin’s info on the ones I had, I’ve got more presses on my list. Now, I’m whittling them down further. I haven’t had a chance to delve very deeply into their websites, and before I even try, I’m googling each of them to see how widespread they are.

I’m looking to see what social and business networks they’re on, what distributors they’re attached to and what contacts they have. I’m also checking to make sure they haven’t been tagged by Writer’s Beware or outed as scam artists by the Absolute Write Water Cooler. Victoria Strauss, I know you’ll probably never read this, but you’re da bomb, as the kids used to say. ^_^

Regarding social and business networks, I originally thought, who cares? Anyone can get a facebook, twitter or linkedin account. It doesn’t actually mean anything that they have them. Now, after my research, I think it might mean that they actually give a damn. Some of the presses I researched haven’t bothered to sign up for anything. As easy as it is to set up these accounts, some of them haven’t taken the time to do so.

The ones that have taken the time are getting the word out about their authors and doing what they can to promote them. So far, all the presses I’ve found that look really good (good history of publishing what I write, good buzz, good connections, etc.) have accounts on all the networks out there.

What do you think? Do a lot of social/business networks help a publisher’s credibility? Would you rank that low on your list of credits a small house should have?

Oh, and I have to share with you a sweet rejection letter I got from an agent’s assistant:
“Though what you’ve written promises to be thoughtful and compelling, I’m afraid we were unable to find a place for it at this agency.”
Call me optimistic, but I’m taking that to mean she really wanted her agent to rep it, but they didn’t have room. ^_^

4 thoughts on “One small press for man…

  1. I don’t care if agents blog, but publishers must. They’re in the business of selling books to the masses. If they don’t make themselves visible, what chance do their authors have?

    Ref: rejection letter
    That was a nice letter.

    PS If you go back to my blog, the contest link has been fixed. Sorry about that.

  2. I think small presses should have a decent website, a good repore with writers on social networking sites, and a nice little backlist of authors who you could email and ask (in confidence, of course) what their experience has been in working with that particular press.

    I’ve seen more than one “anthology call” on Duotrope or “small press” listing that sounded great until I got to their website… a crappy DIY page that looked slapped together by a sixth grader, with spelling errors and low-quality artwork. And no online presence outside of that poorly constructed webpage. Doesn’t inspired much confidence for how they’d handle my writing!

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