Small Press update

I’m still compiling a list of small presses. I was disturbed to see that so many have been gobbled up by huge presses. They might still call themselves by their original name,s but when you go to their websites now, you’re redirected to Harper Collins or one of the other biggies.

And not too many of those take unagented submissions. Bleh. Some small presses are now doing the same, just because so many people are submitting to them. Double bleh.

If you live in the UK, Canada, or Australia, you have a lot of options. I had to take those small presses off my list, though, as I live in Texas. ^_^

Many small presses are currently closed to any and all submissions, probably because they’ve got too much on their plates. All this searching really makes me wish I’d gotten on the stick years ago with this writing thing.

So, my whittled down list of small pubs that are:

A) Open
B) Open to unagented subs
C) Open to subs from the US
D) Accepting SF/F

so far comes to 7. No seriously, 7. I’ve been to a hundred or so, and I’ve got 7. I’m going to keep looking, obviously. Submitting right away is not something I had planned to do. Still, that number is a little discouraging. If you know of any small presses, throw them out here. I’ll make sure to put them on my list if they’re not already. So far, I’ve got:

Lethe Press
Edge Press
Immanion Press
Aqueduct Press
Four Walls Eight Windows

I have not delved deep into any of these yet. I do not know there business practices, response times, etc. Please do not take my pasting of them on my site as any kind of endorsement. I’m just telling you what I’ve found. If you have any info or experience with these presses, I would love to hear it and would repost it, giving you credit for the info, of course.

So, that’s where I am. Victoria Dixon also gave me the idea of entering the Amazon Breakout Novel Contest. I don’t think I have a hope in Hades of winning, but feedback from random strangers could be nice. What do you guys think? If you’re in a go-for-it kind of mood, I might post my query here, just to find out what you think before I let the amazon people see it. Hell, I might do that anyway….

Any contests you like to enter? Do you troll the web for book giveaways? Writing contests? Fun fair raffles? I once won a stuffed bear at Kmart when I was little. It was an Icee giveaway. I was over the moooon. ^_^

6 thoughts on “Small Press update

  1. I’ve only used duotrope for short story submission ideas but I know they do more. If you haven’t searched there yet, you might want to give them a try — you know, I’m pretty sure there are a number of small presses there because I’ve seen calls for anthologies, not just magazines.

    Also, give me a little bit to try to set myself more firmly into the new New Years Resolution schedule and I’d be happy to do beta reader duties. As always, wishing you luck.

  2. I’m very selective about contests which explains why I rarely enter them. The judges need to be people who could conceivably get my ms in front of an agent or editor. I’m not interested in cash, or tiaras, or whatever else they’re giving away.

    The only thing I didn’t like about the Amazon contest is that you have to compete against so many other people. It’s like being in another slush pile. But if they don’t ask for money, you’ve got nothing to lose while you’re pitching the story elsewhere.

    Whatever you choose, cast your net where you’ll catch the most fish. šŸ™‚


    I don’t remember what all you’re writing but these might help.
    Allen & Unwin, though Australian, is a big outfit that takes unsolicited mss. through their Friday Pitch

    PYR, also a big outfit will accept some unagented stuff.

    There’s also Medallion Press:

    I had others on my bookmarked list, but they’re apparently closed to submissions.

  3. Good for you, getting your list together. I’ve only heard of three of them — Aquaduct promotes mostly feminist Science Fiction and Four Walls is now owned by Avalon, neither of which may matter to you; and Lethe Press is well known as a distributor chiefly of GLBT literature.

    Making submission decisions is so stressful! I’m in limbo at the moment because my agent of first choice has decided not to accept queries for the foreseeable future. ::sigh:: I may well be making a new list of my own soon.

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