Nano, nano, wherefore art thou, nano

It’s close now. I’m only 10K away from my 100K goal. Blurgh. It’s been a writing orgy that’s been both fun and frustrating. I’m hoping to hit 100K by Monday, as I’m leaving for London on Tuesday. I’m really looking forward to that. I’m taking my mom (who has never been, where I’ve been once), and it’s looking to be a lot of fun!

I’ve been thinking about your advice on the agent I’m waiting for, and I’ve decided to wait until after my trip to prod him again. Thank you to everyone who weighed in on the matter.

I have a sort of writerly question for everyone, too. Lately, after my long bouts of writing I’ve been getting some hand pain. It’s in my hands, not my wrists. I’m hoping it’s not some kind of early arthritis or something and was wondering if any of you had any idea. It stays with me even on days when I don’t write and plagues me when I grip anything hard, like when I’m stirring cookie dough. Any guesses?

4 thoughts on “Nano, nano, wherefore art thou, nano

  1. London! What a great vacation! I hope you and your mom have a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures.

    Ref: hand pain
    Is the pain around a joint? Mine is where the thumb meets the hand. That’s arthritis. An x-ray will tell you for sure.

    Try something like Aleve and see if that helps any.

  2. It could be overuse. Mine often hurt on the flat back along the bones and felt swollen — when I was a programmer and typed for a living — or typed a lot more than I’ve been typing lately. If it starts to get better during your break you’ll know.

    If it doesn’t — go to the doctor.

    One of my favorite (and last) English teachers at the University had typed through the pain as a grad student so much he did permanent damage. He had to have a contraption for typing that allowed him to keep going without pain, but would not be convenient. I remember little caps that went on each finger, dangling from cords held up by wires. He had to use special pens because he couldn’t hold a normal one anymore.

    Don’t risk it.

    And have fun in London!

  3. Have a wonderful vacation!

    As for the hand pain, I’m guessing overuse, too. If it is, it should improve after a few days of rest. It might also be a sign of arthritis, or of nerve damage. You should check with a doctor if the pain persists after you get back home.

  4. I know I won’t be making my 50,000 words this time, but I’m content with the progress I’ve been making on this ms. I’ve already eased back to my normal writing schedule since November 30th is dead ahead. Your trip sounds wonderful. Stay safe and have a great time.

    I happen to have arthritis in various joints, so can sympathize with you on the sore hand. I hope it eases up for you while you’re away from the constant writing. If it doesn’t, you’ll be wise to get it checked and the problem identified.

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