Nano pants

17,346 is my word total today. Not that I wrote that today, mind you. That’s what I’m up to. I went with a plot line out of nowhere today, and I’m glad I did. It opened up the story now and injected a lot of heart into a narrative that was sounding a little dry to me.

How many of you write by the seat of your pants, waiting for epiphany to strike? And how many of you are deliberate planners and outliners? Does nano scare the pants off some of you?


9 thoughts on “Nano pants

  1. As you know, I’m a serious planner, so the NANO scares the crap out of me. I have no interest in messing with it because there’s no way I could outline and write that fast. Though I might be able to outline the entire book BEFORE November. Hmmmm…that sounds like an idea. Would that count as cheating 😉 ?

  2. That’s a pretty good start.

    Generally, I’m a planner too. I’m not in NaNo, but I’ve been dabbling in a new historical to see if it’s got legs. If I still like it after the first chapter, maybe I’ll give it an outline.

  3. I usually start with a scene in my head and then figure it all out from there. But I knew I was weak in structure so I’ve been reading books on plot and structure and craft and I think I’m having trouble segueing back into writing. I got to 5000 words and choked, then skipped ahead a few years and tried again. 2000 words and choked again. I need to figure out what story I want to tell and follow through instead of just meandering along with a character.

    Or I need to get into the spirit of nano and just keep writing whether or not it goes anywhere.

  4. After only five days writing, 17,000+ is awesome! As of Sunday evening four of my Wrimo buddies were up there with you but I haven’t broken 9,000 yet. I’m more than a pantser, not quite a plotter. I like writing by the seat of my pants but need to have at least a vague idea of where I’m going. Otherwise I wander in a desert of dry words. I suppose if I had a more detailed plan I could write the story faster, but I’m always too impatient to get started.

  5. The year I tried NaNo I had no plan at all. A year later that story was still a mess. It now resides in a dusty file on my hard drive.

    I don’t like the stress of trying to accomplish 50,000 words in one month–especially November. My theory is that writing should be fun, and so I just amble along on my writing journey without worrying about how long it’s going to take or where exactly I’m headed. I take lots of detours, so I may never have a novel published, but I’m enjoying the whole experience.

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