Sorry about that, campers

I had some personal hooha to go through, belonging to me and others, and it has settled down now. I can think. I can breathe. I can post! I’m so sorry if I missed some of the big events going on at your blogs and in your lives. I love my online writing community, and it feels so good to come back to it. I promise, I’ll be around at your blogs soon and if not for the rest of your lives, then as frequently as I can. ^_^

Now for the really good news. My story is up at Crossed Genres!!!! Read it here. Buy it here. Let me know what you think.

Nano has begun! It’s good news to me. I really really love nano. I started writing last night at midnight and plan to continue today. I’m totally insane about it this year, trying to top last year when I wrote 50K in two weeks. For something totally different, I’m trying to write two novels this month, totaling 100K in 30 days. Yeah, I know. Nuts. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “Sorry about that, campers

  1. Uh… two novels?!?!? Okay, you really ARE insane. 🙂

    All right, heading over to read your story at Crossed Genres! (I keep meaning to write something to submit there…)

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