Sequel days

Ahhh, I am loving writing my sequel. There is one monkey wrench to it, though. How much do I remind people of what happened previously?

I’ve seen books with two or three page synopses of what came before. And I’ve seen books that expect you to either remember well or have reread the previous books. I think I fall somewhere in between, dropping reminders of what happened as we go. After all, characters are going to be thinking of previous events sometimes, to compare what’s currently happening or think about how it all goes together, but if a person who was writing a long series kept doing that, their entire book would become rumination.

How do you like to do it or see it done? Give you as synopsis and let you go? Never mind the synopsis, your memory is fine? Do you reread a first book before you read a sequel? How do you like to drop hints at past events into your writing?

Also, for my birthday, I want this cake:

Courtesy of Cake Wrecks.