I’m sort of here

After all the work I’ve been doing on my sequel, I’m sort of written out, but I’ll try to scrape together a blog post for you. ^_^ It might be difficult, however, as we’re having lovely weather here right now, and it’s soooo hard not to be out in it.

I was reading an internet post the other day (I can’t remember where) and it was talking about cliched beginnings of novels. Specifically, it was talking about sci-fi/fantasy beginnings, but I know that all genres have cliches that we writers are taught to avoid, but that still make it into very successful novels written by brilliant authors. Nevertheless, I was wondering what beginnings you thought were cliches. I’ve thought of two to get you going:

Opening with a dream
A prologue that will be difficult to understand until the end of the book

Now, I really don’t mind either of these. I think agents and such just quote them as something they’re sick of seeing because they read so many openings. I know there are more. Throw ’em out here!


8 thoughts on “I’m sort of here

  1. I really dislike the dream opening for the simple reason that I like to know exactly where I am when I start the novel.

    To be rudely ‘awoken’ from something that is not real makes me feel I cannot trust the narrator.

    That said, I’m sure someone out there can make it work, but it’s far too easy to get it wrong.

  2. I don’t mind prologues so much… as long as they mean something. The dream opening drives me nuts.

    I also hate the mirror scene. Or when all the character is doing is sitting around and thinking… why would a book ever open without any action? Booooring.

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