You never forget your first…

…story. Ha, not what you thought I was going to say, was it? Of course, since this blog is mostly about writing, that’s probably EXACTLY what you thought I was going to say. Ack! I’m losing my ability to surprise you! Soon you’ll be buying a sporty little race car and leaving me for a much younger writer! Well, let’s hope not. ^_^

I remember the first story I wrote from beginning to end. Well, when I say end, I mean the part where I got bored of writing and inserted something like, “So, they all escaped.” Climax and falling action? Nah. Denouement? Bah! Those were clearly for sissies. I was eleven and not very patient. All I can remember about the plot was there were schoolchildren on a bus, like myself, and one day we drove into fog and couldn’t find out way out, and it was all very scary and exciting….to me, least.

Even without a clear ending, I let my 5th grade English teacher read it, and I must say that without the encouragement she gave me then, I might not be trying so hard to succeed at writing today. Thanks, Mrs. Miller.

What was your first story? Even if you never finished, even if you never wrote it down but made it an ongoing “game” you played with friends, what was it? Anyone inspire you when you were young? Give you that extra little boost that you needed to believe in your storytelling skills?

10 thoughts on “You never forget your first…

  1. I didn’t consider becoming a professional writer until about five years ago.

    But…back in 1969 with the craziness of the lunar landing, I did write a short story for class about the Apollo mission.

    We had to read the stories out loud and it was the first time I’d ever held an audience captivated. My story was humorous and while I can’t recall the specifics, I do remember one of my characters was always eating.

    That’s how the trouble started. Apollo 126 (yes, I thought that project would last forever) was in trouble when their pilot ignored some warning sirens in lieu of a stacked pastrami sandwich. (It was a VERY good sandwich.)

    That’s all I remember, but I had the kids in class howling. Who knew I was funny?

    Strangely enough, despite the warm response and the A+, it didn’t encourage me to write and I never took up a pen again until recently.

    It was an assignment. All that mattered is that I got a good grade. 🙂

    I was such a dweeb!

  2. Most of my early writing was poetry. The next step was non-fiction and I remember buying a school notebook and writing a detailed and very boring record of our family’s summer vacation, complete with pencil sketches. It was creative non-fiction at its worst but I kept that notebook around until I was old enough to be embarrassed by the writing.

  3. I was just telling my mother the other day, how you can never forget your first character! Mine was a young girl of seventeen who fell in love and got her heart broken.
    Ehem!!! Resemblance? Nah… Just because I was 17 and haart broken, doesn’t mean I wrote the story based on my experience… 😉

  4. In grade one, I wrote a poem/story about an alien who lived on Mars and ate a lot of chocolate bars.

    I created a paper-mache version of the alien, to boot.

    Evidently this impacted me so much that I continued to write?!? Mind you, my poetic skills haven’t increased much beyond that level… o_O

  5. Mine was about fear. The “last” person on Earth after a terrible something who dies of a heart attack when another “last” survivor finds his way into the house.

    I was about nine and still have this hand written gem. Surprisingly, it is actually quite good. Now if only I could write that well again!

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