I had a plan

I was going to sit in Barnes and Noble with my pen and notepad, looking through the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents and marking down any agent who represents fantasy but who wasn’t on my submissions sheet.

It went well. The first hour.

My thought process went something like this:

“Man, this was a great idea! There are TONS of agents in here I haven’t seen yet! I will be a query machine! These chairs are a little hard, though.”

“Wow, there really are just lots and lots of agents in here. I’m getting a hand cramp from writing down all the names in my little book. I hope I’m spelling some of these right. This chair is a freaking BRICK.”

“I’ll start using shorthand. I’m already doing LA for Literary Agency and Ass for Associates. (Heh, ass.) I can guess later that Mi stands for Miriam, right? Speaking of ass…..hurts…..”

“How much is this book anyway… I said I wouldn’t buy it, but, there are so many names and the lower half of me has gone numb….”

So, yeah, I’ve got a brand-spankin-new copy of the 2011 Guide to Literary Agents. For 30 bucks or your hopes and dreams, they’ll take either. ^_^ It really is useful, at least for me. My ass thanked me personally.

Writing books? Books that help you persevere? Books that may help you get published?


12 thoughts on “I had a plan

  1. I really enjoyed Writing The Breakout Novel by Maass.

    It’s too late to mention it now, but a few years ago the Guide used to offer online membership with the most updated Guide. They used to give you a trial offer, like 2-3 days free. Or you could buy membership by the month.

    I used to get on, copy and paste all the agents and publishers that looked like possibilities until my free membership ended.

    They may not do that anymore. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up one of their guides.

  2. “I’ll start using shorthand. I’m already doing LA for Literary Agency and Ass for Associates. (Heh, ass.) I can guess later that Mi stands for Miriam, right? Speaking of ass…..hurts….”
    Haha Barbara you gave me cramps! 🙂
    I think you did a good thing, buying the book and saving your lower half!
    Like Cat, I find Writer’s Market books really helpful. Good luck!:)

  3. I’ve bought writing books for years, and I’m sure they would all be helpful if I would ever get around to reading them! Today I started sorting out all the ones that were published before 2000, thinking they are probably too outdated to be much help, but when I’d look through them there seemed to be something useful or interesting in every one of them. I haven’t thrown away any of them yet–even my Writer’s Market from 2005 still has good articles.

  4. Writers Market, and also those Writers Digests that focus on agents. and for inspiration “Creating a Life Worth Living” and “Bird by Bird.”

    Having the book at home is better. More chocolate at home, plus supportive pets.

  5. I have a subscription to the Writer’s Market online service, but nothing beats actually paging through that book in your hands.

    I really liked ‘First Draft in 30 Days’ and Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ … they haven’t exactly helped me get published yet, but they offered great advice and tips on getting myself organized.

    • I agree about the Stephen King book, Faith. It was very impressive and inspirational. I also like the feel of flipping through the book. When I have 15 windows open on my laptop already, having something I can scan off to the side makes things easier.

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