Yes, I’m still posting about querying

How focused am I on querying right now? This focused:

They’re staring at some treats that are off camera in my left hand. And they want those treats. Badly. They’re trying to use dog-Jedi powers to will the treats from my hand into their mouths.

That’s me with queries right now. With force of will, I’m getting an agent. Do you feel it agents? My Jedi mind powers? It’s a goooood boooook. You want to rep it….. It’s the book you’re looking for…..

I’m sorry if those waves of mind force accidentally hit some of you. If they do, I’ll try to pull it back a bit. It’s working in unpredictable ways. See?

The force is so strong, it’s made the image all blurry, and even the cats are wanting the dog treats, now. It must be unstoppable.

I don’t have a query question for you today. I guess I could ask a general one. How’s it goin? ^_^


10 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still posting about querying

  1. “dog-Jedi powers” haha I think my pups have that power too Barbara! 🙂
    I haven’t started to query yet- hopefully I will in a few mouths so let me know if that power works on agents as well! 😉

  2. If the force isn’t with you, try whining. It works for my pets…

    If I was an agent, I’d ask to see your full manuscript and get back to you within a week with a humongous offer. Since I’m not, the best I can do is wish you luck.

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