Cleaning out the old mental cupboard

I started making some notes today on different projects, tinkering, you know, and rediscovering that there are actually LOTS of hours in a day! So, I thought I’d open myself up for some critiques. If any of you have anything you’re working on that you’d like someone else to look at, feel free to send it my way as a .doc attachment to barbara at wright dot org. I’m pretty good with commas, and I can be a good overall reader. (I just set my brain to reader and forget writer.) Let me know if you want anything specific, or just general comments. Also, let me know what format you’d like your critique in, be it track changes or copy and pasting what I find into an email.

Also also, put a note in the comments section so I know to look for your work, just in case it gets caught in the spam filter. If you don’t leave me a note in the comments and send something anyway, I’ll probably assume you’re spam…or a virus. I know a lot of viruses read this blog. ^_^


8 thoughts on “Cleaning out the old mental cupboard

  1. A writer with time. I’m so impressed. I’d send you something right away if I had anything finished. (Really, I probably have plenty of time, but learning to harness it isn’t my strong point lately.) Maybe, if you’re still up for it mid next week I’ll send the short I’m trying to edit right now. (printed up since I pulled a back muscle and am having trouble with the typing — don’t ask me why pen and paper is easier — I think it might be positioning.) I think you said before that you have a crit group, but if you want, I’d be happy to return the favor once I’ve rested enough to get full arm functionality back. I’m clothdragon at gmail.

  2. That is an amazingly generous offer.
    I don’t have anything at this moment, but I will certainly check back to see if you have time when I do.
    Thank you

  3. This is such a generous and a timely offer Barbara, I just finished a short story today and I would love a fresh pair of eyes I can trust to take another look:)

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