This is my war face!

Instead of having writers send queries, agents should round us up and hunt us for sport. Whoever can survive the night gets published. Whoever can steal a gun and wing an agent gets a six-figure advance. I like those odds a lot better.

Two more rejections today! Wheeee! I need that motivational blog-post I linked to yesterday. Luckily, I ordered the 2011 Writer’s Market, so maybe I’ll get some ideas and some more agents from that. I think I’m gonna move beyond only querying agents who take email queries next week. I wish they’d all go paperless. Save the trees, man.

On a totally unrelated note, I found an awesome coloring book while I was shopping for my 3-yr old niece the other day: Barbie and the Three Musketeers (warning: that site plays music). I haven’t seen the animated movie it’s based on, but the coloring book is totally something I would have invented as a child.

I loved Barbie, but I had about ten of the female dolls and one Ken. And since I had a huge imagination, Barbie and friends were always knights or sorceresses or space pirates who were on a mission to save…Ken. Because there’s only one of him, and he can’t very well save all of them, can he? He was usually kidnapped by my brother’s G.I. Joes when I could get my hands on them.

In this coloring book, the same sort thing happens. Four women take the place of the musketeers from the classic story. They work in the palace in France and uncover a plot to kill the handsome Prince. And they save him. With swords. While wearing pretty dresses. It’s my childhood dream come true! Pretty dresses AND swords! What could be better? Now the girls really can have everything.

Favorite childhood toys of yours? Did you play with them as “intended” or did you think outside the toy box? Any other Barbie fans out there?


14 thoughts on “This is my war face!

  1. My sisters and I played Barbies a lot. Ours flew, which was handy as they lived in the pine trees in our back yard. We also had a game called “Big Amy, Little Amy” based on baby dolls, but which we played entirely without them…in narrative. Drove my parents crazy, as it was a loud game with many adventures and frequent shouting (and danger).

    I think I may also have a book (for grownups) of short stories and poems inspired by Barbie. When I get home, I’ll try to dig it up.

    As for the other, I’d prefer to arm the writers up front. And, as you know, I love reading your work…and I know the world will love it (and will get to read it), too.

  2. “Instead of having writers send queries, agents should round us up and hunt us for sport. Whoever can survive the night gets published. Whoever can steal a gun and wing an agent gets a six-figure advance.”
    Haha Barbara I LOVE this idea- and those odds 🙂
    Sorry about the rejections but keep in mind- you can get many rejections, and all it’ll take is one agent to say ‘let’s work together’ to change everything.
    My favorite childhood toy was a stuffed dog, I used to tell him stories… 🙂

  3. I actually inherited all the Barbie Dolls from my older cousin as a child and played with them for years with my neighbors kid… My favorite toy though was my “stick horse”, I rode that thing for hours around the yard when could not get on a “real” horse because my parents had to go with me and saddle her until I got old enough and big enough to do it for myself!

    jackie b central texas ^_^

  4. Barbie and the 3 Musketeers?!?! *brainexplodes*

    This I have to see… okay, that’s HILARIOUS.

    I used to use Ninja Turtles and Star Trek action figures with my Barbies, since I only had one Ken doll too. I think more than one Barbie saved the world with Raphael and then married him.

    Which is pretty disturbing, now that I think about it…

  5. Barbies were still too new when I was a kid, though I do remember a few girls in HIGH SCHOOL playing with Barbies. I thought it was bizarre.

    The only toy I remember having as a kid was a boy doll that was nearly as tall as I was.

    I used to drag ‘my boy’ everywhere. Then I got married and discovered the stupid doll was anatomically incorrect.

    The boy I have now is much more fun. 🙂 And he has a job! LOL

  6. Sorry about the rejections. Those agents will regret it after they see your book on the Bestseller list.

    I never had a real Barbie, but I had a doll named Mary Makeup. She had lipstick and eyebrow pencil so I could make her prettier. I did end up getting a Ken doll from someone else. He wasn’t much fun and Mary never tried to save him. Guess I didn’t have as much imagination as you…

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