Daily heh

The Rejectionist doesn’t want you to give up.

‘Nuff said.


6 thoughts on “Daily heh

  1. That is so true, but also more easily said than done. As I continue to rake in rejections, it’s harder and harder to keep motivated. I think what helps me is that I cannot start something withouth finishing it. So, I’ll have to query every single agent out there before I give up!!!

  2. I think this is going on my fav. motivational sites. I don’t know about the running (ugh!) but I like the tough love, suck it up & write part.

    Some other favorites:

    Annie Lamott on why to keep writing: “Nobody wants this as much as you and nobody will be as sorry as you if you don’t get it. ”

    Philip Roethke “We learn by going where we have to go.”

    and from Rent “The only way out is up.”

    Tim says I should add my personal motto: “People suck (present company excluded). I write for me.”

  3. Thank you for the link Barbara, that was a great article! Sometimes I get so discouraged and I haven’t even started to query yet…

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