Errand day

I changed the oil in my car, shopped for many things I’d been meaning to get for a while, and arranged for a lawn guy to mow for us because my husband’s allergic to cut grass, and I’m not allowed in direct sunlight for long….because I’m a vampire.

It was clearly an errand day. I feel so productive, and I haven’t even written anything. Dangerous territory, I know, because now I feel I don’t have to write. I’ve already been productive! I don’t know how you farmers, homesteaders, parents, and people with non-writing jobs cope. To have a productive day and then write? To be doubly productive?!?! I would die of smug.

I’ll probably still write some today (I’ve got a cool new idea), but it’ll be hard not to be so self-satisfied that I’ll say, “You know, I DESERVE five hours of non-stop tv.”

In other news, I got another partial request for my manuscript…for five pages. I hope she enjoys them. I know it’s really just to see what my writing style is like, but I hope she’s so sucked in by those five pages that she must have the rest before she goes insane!

Today I have two questions for you. One, how much do you have to accomplish in your day before you’re satisfied, i.e. filled to the brim with productivity? And two, what’s the strangest agent request you’ve ever had?

8 thoughts on “Errand day

  1. Haha I know exactly what you mean- if I have a non-writing productive day, then the urge to sit down and get creative is less strong and if I had a day job or an other area in my life where I had to be productive, I’d die of smug too 🙂
    I am not querying yet- I still 4 or 5 mounts to go- but I can answer your first question; I usually write around 1500-2000 words a day, and revise 4 or 5 pages and get some reading done. If I do 2 out of 3, I feel productive and allow myself some blogging time 😉
    I hope you’ll hear the good news from the agent soon!

  2. I’ve been ending each day with a “to-do” list for the novel. Some things on it are bigger than others…and some days I’m up to knocking out everything on the list (which inevitably generates more things) pther days I just do one or two. Tonight is “find Latin quotation” and “add two-three sentences to up the sexual tension” which turns out not to be an easy thing for me. who knew?

  3. Partial! Partial! *whoo-hoooo!* Hey, five pages are still five pages. That’s not bad at all.

    If I spend the day cleaning the house (shudder) I’m usually too exhausted to write by the end of it. But if I don’t get at least a couple hundred words, I start complaining that I’m ‘wasting my life away’ or something. You know, womanly whining. I’m sure my husband finds it very attractive.

  4. Congrats on the request. Let us know when they ask for more!

    At this point in my life, I don’t care about being productive. Some days I get a lot done and other days I simply work puzzles, stare at the sky, or talk to my kids for hours. Each day is a blessing to enjoy, and as long as I don’t regret what happened, each day is satisfying to me.

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