Extreme cop out mode!

That’s right, I have nothing to say about writing today. So, guess what? Hold on to your horses, it’s pics of my pets!

Yes, I know. You’re saying, Barbara, you have a writing blog and you’re posting pictures of your animals? Why, yes, I am. I am bored of writing today, my friends. I’m so bored of it I’m slow-cooking a ham instead of writing. If my garage needed painting, I would probably do so. I might play a video game. Or take a nap. And if I needed advice on naps, I could ask the experts.

Polly is an All-State Champ in naps and eating. She can polish off a bowl of food in under five seconds. She showed up on our doorstep when she was about a year old and refused to leave. Here she is waiting to see if my camera is gong to morph into something she can eat.

Then there’s Daisy, who’s a bit camera shy and hates the UPS man and his van with a violent passion. We adopted her from the SPCA. She thinks the neighbors should stay inside their houses at all times and yells at them if they don’t, but if you come inside my house, she’ll love your legs off.

And last, but certainly not least as far as naps are concerned, I have two cats.

They’re both pretty big. I don’t go in for small cats. The younger of the two is Roxie. We got her when she was six months old. She crawled inside the engine of our car on a cold morning, and we actually took her for a ten minute ride without knowing it. Luckily, she’d crammed herself into the wheel-well and was uninjured. We had to keep her after that, but because of her bad experience, she’s scared of almost everything and everyone.

Then, there’s JJ. He’s made of pure evil. Also from the SPCA, he’s the animal I butt heads with the most. He’s willful, disobedient, and he won’t stay out of the sink. I think he secretly plots our deaths and probably yours, too.

So, there ya go. Made you look at and read about my pets. How do they help with my writing, you ask? Well, most of the time, they hinder. JJ by playing in the blinds and the others by napping so comfortably and making me sleepy. But if I ever need to write a dog or a cat into a story, I’ll have four distinct animal personalities for research. Yeah, I really shouldn’t pretend this has anything to do with writing. Tomorrow, I’ll write, I tell ya! Tomorrow!

And you? Pets? Do they help or hinder your craft? Yeah, I’m still trying to pretend this is writing relevant.


16 thoughts on “Extreme cop out mode!

  1. Ref: Yeah, I’m still trying to pretend this is writing relevant.

    Who cares! I’d read your pet posts any time.

    You have beautiful kids, and that Roxie is one lucky kitty.

    JJ…well, good luck with Señor Evil. LOL.

    My guys? They help a lot. If it weren’t for them, I’d never lift my eyes off the monitor. They remind me about what’s important in life.

    –kisses and head pats…and cookies.

  2. I like posts reminding us there are other things in life than writing. Especially since I seem to spend so little time writing lately. It makes me feel less behind when everyone else is on an agent hunt and I’ve yet to finish a second novel. I’m like, hooray, the others take days off too!

  3. I had to laugh at JJ, what a sketch. I’ll bet you love him to pieces! Animals are so writing relevant in the perspective we observe in them, which sharpens ours? Well, it sounds good anyway. I have a cat, Puddin, who sits beside my desktop screen and swats at the moving cursor. Or else she’s telling me to delete, one or the other 🙂

  4. Haha Barbara I post pictures of my dogs on my ‘writing’ blog all the time- I say it adds a little spice! 😉
    I am a dog person so naturally- I fell in love with Polly and little miss. shy Daisy! They are super cute 🙂
    That said, Roxie is beautiful and J.J. made me laugh out loud, I can picture him plotting our death!

  5. Pets! They definitely hinder… my parrot screams like a cranky 2-year old if I leave him alone for too long (which is why I go to the coffee shop to write — then he’s very well behaved for my husband) and he has certain “playtimes” that he MUST have or else he gets very upset. I knew this going into parrot ownership… and the rewards definitely outweigh the troubles, 100%… but sometimes it’s just impossible to get work done!

    My cat is also evil. And she loves to eat cantaloupe. What?!?!

    The least bothersome pet is my hamster… she sleeps all day… how convenient!

    More pet photos! It’s relevant, really!

  6. I am not a writer but an avid reader of what other people’s imagination creates for me to escape into!
    My two cats are not evil like JJ but still have their own minds for sure. My calico tabby is the Queen of the house, any horizontal surface is her bed. That includes the tables in the kitchen and dining room, at meal time she likes to have her side of the table to see what everyone is eating and maybe get some of her own to eat from us!

    I think what you have done with this pet post is clear the way for the creative juices to start flowing on your writing again, also pet photos draw comments because we all love to see the furry beasties and hear their stories….

    jackie ^_^

  7. Your Daisy looks just like my Spike looked, and JJ resembles one of our cats–including the evil part.

    My dog Buddy is a great footwarmer when I’m using the computer, and my cats help me type. They also let me know when it’s time to take a break, so I never have to worry about over-working.

  8. I miss having a dog. Even when I slaughtered “kum-bah-yah” on the guitar, he listened like it was a concert at Carnegie Hall. And when he sat on my feet while I was writing, I did a better job of staying put and doing my work…’cause I didn’t want to wake him.

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