Some fruit is borne

So far in the submission game, I’ve had one request for a partial and one for a full. So, now you know where I’ve been. I always feel the need to reread when I get a request, so that’s what I’ve been doing: rereading, polishing and hating my work. ^_^

My husband and I had a frustrating experience trying to purchase a bed this week. The salesman wrote up the order for the wrong bed, so when the delivery men showed up, they had exactly the wrong thing. My husband was pretty steamed. He canceled our entire order, so now we have no bed in our bedroom and are camping in the guestroom.

Well, the entire ordeal reminded me of the submission process. Heaps of frustration and nothing went as planned. Both situations could wind up having a happy ending, though. We’re going to continue shopping until we find a bed we really like. I’m going to continue submitting until I find an agent who really likes my work. ^_^ I’ve gone from nervous to sanguine. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll be back around to anxious or even psychotic as the days pass, especially if I don’t get any other bites.

Getting back to writing actually helped more than anything. I knocked out a short story yesterday, and I have an idea for a new novel. Writing’s my ultimate cure for the blues.

What’s your cure for the submission blues? Or any kind of blues, for that matter? And yes, ice cream is a valid answer. As are brownies. And cookies. Maybe pie…


14 thoughts on “Some fruit is borne

  1. Butter pecan ice cream, a Turtle Pecan Cluster Blizzard, or peanut M&Ms are great for lifting my spirits. Talking to my sisters is even better, but harder to manage as they work full-time.

  2. I keep busy with cleaning up my Word files, then immersing myself in another writing project. The time passes easier if I’m busy. And a piece of cake helps make waiting a piece of cake πŸ˜‰

    Best wishes on your submissions!

  3. Great post!!! I’ve just started submitting again, and have already felt the burn of rejection. What keeps me going is the thought that as long as I keep writing and keep submitting, that sooner or later someone is going to want my stuff. I just have to believe in that. Oh, and cookies and your amazing cake-balls help as well =).

  4. I don’t get depressed too often. I just move on to the next project–or query letter.

    To me, submissions are like transactions, so it’s not personal. Either I didn’t present my wares in a way that appealed to the agent/editor, I hit them on a bad day, or they weren’t interested in my product. You can only control one of those things, so I’ll reexamine my presentation from time to time.

    –But the bed thing would make me irate. I’d be writing a nasty letter to the manager of that bed company. You shouldn’t have to camp out for their mistake.

    • Yeah, I might write that letter, Maria. At the very least, I won’t shop there again. I don’t take rejections as a personal attack, but they do depress me a little, just because it feels like not getting anywhere. Cake would probably help.

  5. I don’t actually go through the submission blues. I submit so infrequently and so methodically that it’s a process just to get one out there.

    LIke you, I do read my manuscripts before submitting. Even if nothing has changed since I queried. Writers are weird that way.

  6. A new idea for a novel? How exciting! πŸ™‚
    Writing is the best cure for any kind of blues- I use it daily to feel fine πŸ˜‰ And together with some chocolate &coffee, some good books and my dogs at my feet, nothing is incurable.
    Good luck with all the revisions & submissions Barbara and don’t forget to keep us posted.

  7. my cure for the “my husband is sick on vacation and we have no internet and I have no privacy to write the last two paragraphs of my novel blues” appears to be buying more yarn and eating whatever I feel like. And raspberry mojitos!

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