Wastin’ away again in submissionville

Heh. Sounds like a song about bondage. Really, though, it’s me pining about submitting my manuscript to agents. For all my hand waving about not caring, I’m holding my breath while opening my email. Yep, I’m a sucker, waiting for that fateful “yes.” And I love those agents who say they’ll only respond if they’re interested in the query. So, I’ll never know if a non-response is a “no” or an email that got blocked by the agent’s spam filter. Of course, I tell myself it’s the spam filter… ^_^

In the meantime, I am comforted by my sparkly pencils and my netflix. Here, let the pencils comfort you as well.

So colorful…so sparkly…they make the waiting bearable. So, tell me, are you waiting on anything? Doesn’t have to be submissions.

And because I care about all of you, please take a gander at this article about drowning.


14 thoughts on “Wastin’ away again in submissionville

  1. I have two shorts off in submissionsville. Not nearly as bated breath-y as the long ones, but it begins to feel like forever. Crossing my fingers for a yes for you.

  2. Wow, what a scary, eye-opening post you linked us to. I’m going to pass this along to those I know with kids. Thanks.

    I’m always waiting on something. Mostly myself!

    Best luck with opening the mail in the future!

  3. Barbara Ann, found you from Maria’s blog block party and not a writer myself but like reading some of the more interestingly eclectic posts that writer’s put out there on their blogs. Like yours for instance, a little bit of something for everyone…

    I am currently “waiting” for the rain to stop in Central Texas area that we live to take a vehicle in to get a tire fixed tomorrow. Rained too violently today and the traffic would have slaughtered me if the tire went flat on the way to the repair shop!


    • Wow, that’s harsh, Jackie. I live in College Station, so we haven’t seen quite so much rain here. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you decide to hang with me for a while longer. ^_^

  4. Waiting for the children to have another scheduled activity so I can get back to my own work. Frustrating week on that front. Just finished waiting 3 days to pay the car people hundreds of dollars (many hundreds) to get my car back with a new a/c compressor (old one cracked). Waiting for the rain to stop here (or for someone with an ark to happen by).

    Thanks for the article on drowning. We had a close call (I was watching, but I had to run for him) last year when Ben jumped off some steps that were in a deeper part of the pool than he expected. It was silent…and very scary!

    • That is scary, Sarah. When I was a teenager I had to go into a pool after a 2 yr old. She didn’t make a peep. Just stood on the bottom, blinking up, waiting for rescue. And no one noticed! If I hadn’t been walking by, I wouldn’t have noticed. And I still waited half a second for her to start swimming before I jumped in. She didn’t cry or even look alarmed until she was safely on the surface.

      I hope next week is better for writing! I need more pages to look at! And it’s all about me!!! ^_^

  5. Greetings! Found my way here via Maria’s blog party!

    I fully understand the waiting. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday waiting and campaigning for votes in a writing contest, it stretched those days into infinity in waiting and shortened them as I scrambled for votes.

    Good luck with the subs and . . . ohhh . . . sparkly pencils . . . ( :


  6. I’m currently querying my manuscript, so I hear you on this post! And I love those pencils, a very comforting image so full of possible words. I clicked over from Maria’s and had a nice visit here!

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