Okay, that was a busy weekend

Parties and write-ins and dinners, oh my! Also, sent my queries off to the two agents that requested material at the WLT conference. I’m feeling very laid back about the whole thing. Hopefully, that will make a difference. Like, as soon as you stop caring, you succeed. Well, I can hope. Damn! That messes up the whole not caring thing! Arrrgggh! Can’t win!!!!

*breathes deeply*

Does anyone here share the opinion that the more you read your own work, the more you hate it? I’ve been rereading the pages I’m submitting, and I’ve read them too many times to count. The more I read, the more hyper-critical I become, making myself angry over the simplest of sentences and reading them aloud just to taunt them. “She hurried up the stairs? HURRIED up the STAIRS?!?! What kind of sentence is that? Who writes like that?!? I should just take up farming!!!!!!!”

Yeah, so I was lying about not caring. ^_^ Do you hate your manuscript? Want to chuck it every time you reread and have to be restrained by friends and family? Have you ever written your own alternate endings where you just freakin’ killed every character? Wait, maybe that’s just me….


15 thoughts on “Okay, that was a busy weekend

  1. Yes. I hate my one complete and hundred-times reworked manuscript. First I loved it, then I saw all the flaws and fixed them, then I saw more and fixed them. And again, and again, and again…. Then I hated it.

    It has been set aside and I will rewrite from scratch later. I’m hoping I won’t hate the next one so much, but I’m a little short on that faith right now.


  2. LoL!!! I feel this way daily. I constantly move from complete joy and love for my story, to utter hatred and anger. I think the way you feel is normal, and that is why you have to have a group of writers around you who understand how you feel and are able to encourage you.

    BTW, you are an amazing talent!!! In case you didn’t know.

  3. Oh yes… I just re-read something last week that I’d set aside awhile ago out of frustration… I thought “maybe it’ll be better now?” Umm, no. *facepalm*

  4. I went from love to hate to indifference with my first novel. The second is going well, and so far we’re on a friendship basis. I’m hoping the love will grow as I get further into it.

  5. Haha no- that is definitely not just you, I do that all the time!!! Revision is difficult, it takes a lot of energy not hate my characters, my story and eventually myself… Every time I read it (and I’ve read it one too many times) it sounds sillier than it did before … 🙂 Then I fix it and it sounds better. But then I read it again and again and it starts to sound silly… Argh! It’s a vicious cycle…
    Good luck with the query letters, I have my fingers crossed for you and keep us posted 🙂

  6. I tend to take my wrath out on the specific character whose viewpoint is holding me hostage. “If only I were writing from x’s pov instead. Stupid y, I hate her so much!” Not too LKH of me, is it?

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