The art of the pitch

I sat down to try and think up a one or two line pitch for the projects I’m pitching at the writers conference next weekend.

And I’m completely terrible at them. I pitched to my husband, and the look on his face was definitely “Pass.” I nailed the plot, he said, but I lost all the excitement, all the points he thought would make it sell.

Trouble is, I have no idea what would make it sell! I guess I have to pick the most interesting bits, but then I get anxious wondering what bits are interesting enough. I mean, it’s all interesting to me, but to others? The romance? The mystery? The magic system? I’ve only got two lines! Argh!

Anyone ever had to do a one-line pitch before? The short answer to the question, “What’s your book about?” I have a query, and I think it’s exciting, but no one or two lines give me that spoken zinger that I’m looking for. Know of any websites that could help? Any anecdotes? I’ll take ’em!


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