Post-novel limbo

I’m finished with my edits for now. After the Writer’s League of Texas conference on the 26th, I’ll read again if I have any agent nibbles, but for the moment, I’m done with my current project.

0_0 *gulp*

When it started, just a tiny idea, I thought I’d never be done with it. That it would never be grown and go off to agents on its own, without me to protect it, to make sure it eats and wears clean underwear…

Now, along with trying to come up with a one sentence pitch for the conference, I also have to try and think of something new. And wouldn’t you know it, just like when I finished my other books, all I can think of are sequels for this one. *Sigh*

I thought I’d learned my lesson. No sequels for a book that hasn’t sold. Must always keep leaping forward, writing new things, working out new ideas, all in case this novel is also a no-sell. I know all of this, and yet, I still keep getting all these sequel ideas. It’s like when you watch a movie, and you start thinking about everything you’d do differently if you were the director.

Does this ever happen to you? Either the movie thing or the inability to let one idea go and move on to the next? What do you do to get yourself onto another track? I’ve got novel empty-nest syndrome!


7 thoughts on “Post-novel limbo

  1. Congrats on the finish! I could’t move on after mine either. Not until after a few rejections. I think I’m a step or two behind you though. Only one complete novel-length. (The one I’m working on now started as a short, but got a little long for short and I’m not sure what the ending length will be. Probably not novel).

    Suggestion for getting moving onto the next track — I can’t say it works, I’m still having trouble with my get up and go — keep a file of ideas. I have a private, me only, blog (because I lose stuff, but blogspot doesn’t) called future writing ideas. When I think of an idea I log in, write it down, and leave it alone. The plan is to go back to them and use them when I finish a project or need a break.

    I think it would work great in one of those chore-jar type ideas. You know, reach in, pull out an idea, and just start writing.

  2. If your sequel idea could work as a stand-alone novel, I’d go ahead and start the rough draft. If the first one doesn’t sell your second one still could. If the first one does sell, you might have to redo some of the sequel, but if it’s just a rough draft you’ll be revising anyway. Tah-dah! Problem disappears (like your husband πŸ˜‰ ).

  3. I tend to have a different problem… I move on TOO EASILY from each project I finish! I agree with Carol, maybe outline or start to rough draft the sequel so you can get it out of your brain, while working on new ideas.

    Besides, if a new idea is like pulling teeth right now, why not just write what makes you happy? For the time being, anyway. Your sanity is probably worth it. πŸ™‚

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