Look at me! Look at me! Or, self-promotion

Those of you who comment are already doing the blog thing. And those of you who are published (I’m looking at you, Maria ^_^) already know something about self-promotion, so I’d thought I’d ask what your plans are for after your books are published? What do you hope to do? Personal appearances? Blog tours? What do you dread? Public speaking? Have you joined any groups such as Broad Universe that can help you get your book known out there?

6 thoughts on “Look at me! Look at me! Or, self-promotion

  1. Broad Universe is great, but me with limited funds can only lurk on their board.

    My process remains what it’s always been, SLOWLY building a readership and making myself known on bigger groups.

    I’m still on the fence with FB, but I do Twitter and Goodreads. I blog faithfully at least 3x a week. But most importantly I do very little pimpage.

    My reasons are twofold. In the first place, bald-faced selling is annoying. In the second, if I come across as interesting enough, that might be all I need to make a sale.

    I want people to read my books because:
    • that weird girl makes a lot of sense on her blog
    • she can be insanely funny
    • her books are fast-paced and good

    I am in this for the long haul, so although my method is slow, I pick my friends and followers with care. These are people I want to have a relationship with and hopefully, them with me.

  2. I’m a long-time member of BroadUniverse. They helped me sell my first short story to an anthology, and members can sell books through them at cons, as well as participate in group readings.

    I would like to visit more cons after getting published, but it’ll depend on travel costs.

    I agree with Maria–too much hard selling can be a turn-off.

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