Edit, edit, edit

Well, I finally found a cure for Law and Order addiction, getting the hell out of my house! Ahhhh. I’ve gotten so much work done in even a few short hours. And there wasn’t a Law and Order in there. Well, there was one early this morning, and there will be one later tonight. It’s a step-down process.

I’m finding so much on this edit. It’s a wonder what stepping back for a couple of weeks will do for you. I’m eliminating stray was’s by the handful, I’m zapping out needless exposition, I’m trimming away stage direction, and I’m chucking “began to…” and “after a moment…” by the bushel-load. And you didn’t even know those came in bushels, did you? ^_^

I’m in a very happy mood. Now I’m off to your blogs to spread the love around!

2 thoughts on “Edit, edit, edit

  1. Barbara,

    LOL! I have far too many begans and starteds in my writiing to last a lifetime. Oh yeah, and thats. I could write an entire manuscript just from my cut ones.

    NaNo10 title: Began That Started It All.

    Enjoy your liberation and the editing process. It’s a fun place to be.

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