Where the eff have I been?

I’d like to say working, but I’ve been sitting at my desk for the most part, gobbling Law and Order episodes. I was taking a week off after finishing my current round of edits, trying to clear the brain a little bit before the next round.

I think it worked. I’m ready to throw myself in again. Also ready to mail off a new short story. Wish me luck!

Also also, I’m all signed up for the Writer’s League of Texas conference in June, and I’ve guilted, ahem, motivated three other members of my writing group to go with me. Woo! I know I probably won’t see any of you there, but I’ll be thinking of you. I don’t know how anyone succeeds without the support of a writer community.

So, what are you working on?


4 thoughts on “Where the eff have I been?

  1. You too? I went on a Law and Order binge last month. Not too long ago at least. Not the original, but Criminal Intent AND SVU. Netflix has most of it on Instant Download — love it (and hate it at the same time for the time waster I know it is).

    Now I’m starting Bones over at Season 1, prompted by the recent episode where they talk about their “real” first case together.

    I haven’t been to a conference yet — and, with our finances, won’t be going this year. Maybe next. Maybe not. Tell me how it goes. They sound both terrifying and fun. I’m so bad at face to face stuff. Hope you have a great time!

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