I’m trying to cut as I write now so I don’t have to do so much later. The thing I’m finding easiest to cut is dialogue. I love good banter, but sometimes, I think I have the tendency to let my characters chatter, just because I like hearing what they have to say.

However, chatter does not a good story make. I’m hesitant to cut other things, though. I don’t do enough description to warrant cutting what I do have. I suppose there are certain scenes I could lose, but I do believe my best bet is to take out some of the talking. I’ll save it to a folder, though, for the author’s definitive ZOMG edition. ^_^ Ah, I love to dream….

Do you have something you lean on that you usually end up chopping? Dialogue? Travel? Description? My other bane is sometimes thoughtful exposition. Do your characters think too much?


6 thoughts on “Chatter

  1. Hi Barbara,

    I finally made it to your blog! I’ve been to your website before but only today discovered the link here. 🙂

    Yes, you’ve hit on one of my weaknesses. My characters are always thinking too much. I cut the excess while I’m adding description in the revision stage. I’m always short on description.

  2. My characters are deep thinkers. When they speak, they try to solve all the problems the other characters have–despite being clueless about their own. I keep having to cut their speeches down to conversational tidbits.

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