Pretty cool

So, the winners of the Backspace Writers Conference scholarships are supposed to be announced today. I really hope I get picked. Wannnnaaaa goooooo! ^_^

In better news, I found out why IGMS never responded to my submission. Their editor had some extreme bad luck last year. Like, surgery followed by computer crash bad luck. They tell me my story is still under consideration, so fingers crossed! I would really love to be in that magazine.

In news of about the same level, the bridge building I spoke of in my last post is going well. I’ve decided to use action scenes to hurry the reader toward the ending. Plus, I’m adding a bit of much needed humor to break a little of the tension. I hope to get any readers very relaxed before I drop a bomb on them. ^_^

Anyone else have any good news? Feel free to shout-out here.


5 thoughts on “Pretty cool

  1. No, but congrats on yours. It’s always nice to find out you weren’t rejected, but still have a shot. Best of luck with that.

    Also, it sounds like you know exactly what your novel needs, so keep up the good work.

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