Bridge building

So, I’m coming to end of my novel (as you may have noticed ^_^) and I was worried about too many words.

And now I have too few. I hate padding, but I need a bridge between now and the ending in my ms. The scenes seem to be nothing but talking; a fight would seem forced. I’m going to have to think of a way to absorb the info getting passed around in these padded chapters into the rest of the story and then dumping most of these chapters altogether. Except, now I have to find places to add earlier. Hmmm, maybe an extended fight scene somewhere more appropriate. I love nothing more than a good fight scene….

How about you, readers who actually comment? When you reach the end of your ms’s, do you have to cut or pad?


6 thoughts on “Bridge building

  1. I’ve written my first book and now I’m editing it. I have not added the word count of all my chapters together yet so I don’t know for sure, but I’ll probably have to cut. Boo.

    • It’s a terrible feeling to know the cuts are coming. When I have to cut, I often do a word search for ly adverbs and then any of my “crutch” words or phrases that I use too often. I am particularly fond of “after a moment/minute,” “back,” “looked,” and “play/played.” I also pay too much attention to people’s eyes. They’re always widening and narrowing and such. ^_^ Bleh cutting.

  2. I’ve been cutting and padding, then cutting–now I’m way short of where I started and think I need more cutting. Maybe I should just start over…or turn it into a short story. 😦

  3. I do them both simultaneously. The first draft is simply written without a concern in the world for word count. Unless it’s during NaNo.

    When I begin editing, I simply add where things need clarified and cut what doesn’t sound quite right. Thankfully I have always fallen within “normal” word counts when all is said and done.

    • I love nano. ^_^ You’re lucky to always fall inside “normal.” I’m hoping to be somewhere between 110K and 120K for this draft, and then cut down to closer to 110K if I can. I’m writing fantasy, but I hear that first time authors get a bit better reception if they’re closer to 100K. It’s probably just a rumor. Who really knows?

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