Freelance editing…done.

I finished my freelance project on the writing weekend. Now there’s nothing standing between me and my ms…which kinda sucks. I’m nearing the end, and if I bust my ass on it and finish this round of edits, I’ll probably just go right back to the beginning while the problems with the story are still fresh in my head.

After that, I’ll be tempted to query, a temptation which I probably need to resist. I’ll be so close to the project by that time that I won’t be able to see any new problems. I’ll need to let it sit and bake awhile before I come back to it. I’ll have to work on something new and only hope my interest in my current project doesn’t wane.

As to what I’ll work on while this one is baking, I have no idea. I have a new idea I want to write and an older ms I want to edit. Maybe I’ll tinker with both, who knows? Or I can start something completely new, just put fingers to keyboard and go. How do you select a new project? Put them on the wall and throw darts? Flip a coin? Draw ideas out of a hat? Or are you an extremely disciplined writer who has a list of new ideas and sticks to that?


6 thoughts on “Freelance editing…done.

  1. Go with the new idea & bang something out – even if it’s just notes. Think it’s good to have multiple projects – as long as you prioritize & don’t leave the oven on too long. I think it helps keep things fresh & sharpens the editing eye – IMHO. Good Luck.

  2. For me, a new project dangles tantalizingly in front of me and thoughts of it keep intruding even when I’m working on something else. Eventually I can’t ignore it any longer so I start making notes and then, as soon as I’m ready to put other projects aside, I let the new one take over.

  3. I select a new project connected with some other aspect of my life, trying to integrate, streamline. That narrows the field a bit: There’s always the challenge of a substance-abusing son, my own tendency to hibernate and neglect my friends (cf., my recent move from one apartment to another (which is taking literally months and which my friend Elaine refers to as a clusterf**k), my desire to learn Spanish. A lot of my posts in are potential chapters in a fantasy novel I’m ALWAYS working on…. Blessings on your endeavors, Barbara Ann

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