Still sick, but sticking with it

Ugh. I’m so tired of being sick. Luckily, I’ll have time to make up for all the writing I’ve missed because I’m going on a write-in this weekend! The writing group and I will be headed down to a house in Bay City, TX that DOES NOT HAVE INTERNET. Oooooh, scary. But it will mean we’ll get a lot of work done. And it will also mean that several diets will get blown. Everyone knows that things you eat during a write-in have no calories or fat. They’re just fuel for the writing. At least, that’s what we’ll tell ourselves. ^_^

I’m looking forward to not only finishing the first round of edits on my current project, but diving into the second and banging out a few versions of the dreaded query and synopsis. If I ever get stunningly rich (ha!) I’m going to rent out an entire hotel somewhere central in the U.S. and have a nationwide write-in. Would you come?


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