Freelance edting suprisingly easy to do…

In that, it’s easier to do edits for someone else than work on my own stuff. ^_^ I’m still working on my own manuscript, but not like I was. On the editing, though, I’m cruising right along. It’s amazing what a motivator money is.

On a slightly crappy note, the first agent I wanted to send my newest project to is closed to submission for the time being. Harsh. Hopefully, she’ll be open to them again in the near future. In the meantime, I better move someone else to the top of my list. I’m getting ready to query again, and that’s always exciting. Rejection is inevitable, but I like the feeling of a new beginning. I’m NOT looking forward to a new query letter and synopsis, though. I’d rather try and eat my own head. I’m sure many of you feel the same.


11 thoughts on “Freelance edting suprisingly easy to do…

  1. I like editing other people’s work better than my own, too. Unfortunately I don’t make money at it.

    Lately I’ve put aside my novel to work on home remodeling projects and paperwork for the appointment with our CPA next week. Next month I hope to get caught up, and start querying by April. (I’ve been saying that for months, but maybe it will come true this time…)

  2. I don’t critique for money, but am in a critique group, and I agree – it is easier to edit someone else’s m/s. I wish I could see more of the edits I need to in mine.

  3. I totally agree that editing someone else’s work is easier. I just wish it weren’t so. Then I could have a killer manuscript. Until then, I will slog away with my painful self-edits and hope something mildly good comes out of it!

    : )

    • I’m sure something good will come of it. And it takes guts to slog away. So many people just give up. I’m just thankful there’s such a large, supportive, online community that understands these sorts of things.

  4. I agree that editing someone’s work is easier. When I get my work critiqued by someone else, I wonder, how did I miss this? We get stuck on our own voices, I think.

    Good luck with query, synopsis, and submitting. Each submission offers new hope.

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