Mighty Morphin’ Novel Writers

Carol’s comment in my last post got me to thinkin’. She said her suspense novel is turning into a romance. I’ve done that, started writing one kind of story and it turned into another, as if the story knew what it wanted to be and was going to be it whether I liked it or not. I wrote an urban fantasy once that turned romantic really quickly. I always wanted to have that element of romance in there, but it started taking over. Luckily, I was able to rein it in somewhat, but it ended up being a major theme.

In fact, I can recall seeing the phenomenon in books that I’ve read, too. It feels like one story, and then you get about halfway through, and it turns into a different story entirely. The author never got around to changing the front to match the back, or vice-versa.

Who’s had a story wander completely into left field? Do all your international terrorism novels turn into steampunk? Does romance creep into all your works, including zombie horror? Inquiring minds want to know.


4 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin’ Novel Writers

  1. My novels don’t seem to wander too far from the intended path, but if I give the characters too much free rein they can take over scenes in a way that really fouls up my plan. I’ve gone back in the revisions of one ms and tweaked it to fit the Christian market because of the MC’s dependence on his faith… an aspect that I didn’t intend to be so dominant. Fortunately I like the story better this way!

    • It’s nice when a big change works out for you. Having wandering characters is a problem at times, especially if you like say, sparkly pens, and so does your character, and you would enjoy having the character talk about sparkly pens for pages on end, but very few readers would enjoy it. Then we have to rein them in again. We’re really just reining ourselves in, tho. ^_^

  2. I don’t know that mine wander outside the realm of where I started. I think this is because I have many of the same ingredients in all my books. A little mystery, a little romance and a touch of humor. In that respect, I can have the things I hold most dear in all of them and they don’t need to push their way in unexpectedly.

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