I can’t seem to hit Sundays!

I said I’d blog every other day, and so far, Sunday is my downfall. I’m getting towards the end of my current manuscript. I was a little worried. It’s hanging on at about 83K, and I have more info I need to put in. My sci fi novel turned out at just over 100k and my urban fantasy is 86K. I didn’t know where my current ms should land. I thought somewhere in between.

Then I looked up non-urban fantasy novel wordcounts and found out that many come in at 120K at their smallest, and epic fantasy can really get up there, like 200K and such. I was pretty amazed, even though I’ve read epic fantasy and know they can get quite large. I don’t know quite what sub-genre I’m working in. I guess I’m going to just say “fantasy” in my query because it’s not urban and it’s not epic. I’m just glad fantasy wordcounts start out a bit higher than sci fi. It gives me plenty of wriggle room. I think I’m going to need it.

Has anyone out there ever written a doorstop of a novel?


4 thoughts on “I can’t seem to hit Sundays!

  1. I try to write for a young adult audience – though I like to keep the work appealing to adults. That means even though I write fantasy, I keep it under the 80 000 words. Yes Twilight and Harry Potter both went for ages but the majority of books for that audience don’t because young adults look at them and move on.

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