I completely skipped yesterday

Sorry about that. I know I meant to post, but I was too busy reading other blogs!

I took a class once on marketing oneself via the internet, and they recommended starting a blog, but they also warned about spending so much time reading other blogs that you did nothing else. I have to remember that one and not put internet time before writing time, even if that’s just writing my own blog.

I spent quite a bit of yesterday submitting, and I was amazed by the number of agents that still demand paper queries and still others who don’t have a website. I was leery of submitting to several who only had Agent Query or Publisher’s Marketplace entries, but as always, the Absolute Write Forums were my guide. An excellent source of information on agents or editors. Together with P&E and Writer’s Beware, they sniff out many a scam.

I was very surprised to learn that one of the biggest sci-fi reps, Spectrum, only takes paper queries. So many agencies have gone paperless, why not one that accepts queries about space age technology? Maybe they use this as part of their weeding process. If you’re too lazy to mail a letter, we don’t want you? Save a tree, I say, and not just because I AM lazy. ^_^

Haven’t heard back yet from IGMS about my story, but I got a rejection from Crossed Genres. But I still love them and will do so forever. ^_^ I got a request for pages from one agent one day after I sent the query and was rejected the next morning. Some of them have truly awesome turnarounds, and some will probably never respond. I’ve become almost sanguine about the whole thing, especially after reading this.


2 thoughts on “I completely skipped yesterday

  1. I know exactly what you mean about blogging. It is so fascinating and fun, it can eat into serious writing time, which for most of us is at a premium. I’m trying not to give in to the pressure to post unless I really have something I want to say.

    I am surprised also about the paper queries. I would think it might be a ‘weeding’ tool too, but no website! That is hard to understand.

    Have you used Query Tracker? http://www.querytracker.net/index.php
    They screen their agents and you can keep track of your submissions.

    Good luck with your submissions!

    • I do look at query tracker occasionally. I’m still using an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my submissions. Before that, I used a whiteboard. Before that, I think I chiseled them into stone. ^_^ Thanks for your comment.

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