Resolutions going well

My New Year’s resolution was to swear more, and I think I’m fuckin’ nailin’ it!

The other day, I almost had to physically restrain myself from swearing as I was speaking aloud in the midst of younger, shorter members of society. I wasn’t speaking to them, just near them, but I know they could hear me. It doesn’t help that I was a little agitated. “What do you mean he won’t ffffff….freakin’ give it to you? What the ffff….freak is his problem? He should just give you the damn thing.” And then I realized, I don’t even consider damn a swear any more. Damn.

Luckily, it hasn’t slipped into my writing yet. Coming up on 200 pages of the new project and not an F-bomb in sight. But a few hells and damns. Whatev. Aren’t the kids using those nowadays anyway? I’m pretty sure Goodnight Moon has at least one damn. Hmmm, maybe not.

In other news, the query deluge has begun! I did five or six yesterday and plan to send out more as the week goes on. Fingers crossed, dammit!


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