Well, the library is out as a quiet writing place. The high school across the street is back in session, and they appear to have either an open lunch, of a bunch of skippers. Plus, every other annoying person was there, talking in normal voice, answering cell phone calls, or ignoring their children. It was noisy one other time, and this was it’s second chance.

So, I need ideas. Coffee shops are okay, but some are really small, and have too many comings or goings (especially as I live in a college town). Well, the people are one thing, but I can’t stand the sound of a coffee grinder. Anyone have any other bright ideas?


5 thoughts on “Arrrggghh!

  1. Yeah, yeah! that thing! We don’t have a zoo, but on days admission is free, I think that might be a completely AWESOME place to write. Same with a museum or art gallery. These sound like strictly low-tech laptop situations though (pen & paper.) Also, the novelty and utter fascination I have with both places would have to wear off a little, or I’d just be walking around checking it all out the whole time. Well, at the very least, new experiences and sights to use in my writing!

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