I have them completely fooled!

My writing group, that is. And I can post that here because I know that none of them read my blog. I love them dearly, but they just don’t spend that much time surfing the net. ^_^

But, as to the fooling, they’re trying to figure out who my villain is, and I have them chasing red herrings every which way. It’s such an…accomplished feeling. There have been clues, which makes me think that if someone were to read the book at his/her own pace, s/he would figure it out. Whatever. I’m just jazzed that they’re interested enough to speculate.

And I love my little herrings. I think the secret of a good decoy is making them suspicious, but not overly so. They need a motive to be bad, just maybe not as bad as the true villain. If every character has it in him/her to turn evil, all of them are potential decoys. Hooray for gray characters.


3 thoughts on “I have them completely fooled!

  1. That’s such a fun feeling. I can only hope my latest novel will do the same when it finaly gets to the beta reading stage.

    I hope some figure it out and others remain stumped. Then you’ll know you done good!

  2. Somewhat. A few ladies and I started a writer’s group after a conference last spring. However, one ended up with school as a priority, another had her mother pass away and now my last partner is getting married and will be moving.


    As to online, I’ve got some readers who pop up every once in a while depending on the project. It would be nice to live in a metropolis where writers are more prolific than plot bunnies.

    I do have a supportive community, however, which is extremely helpful.

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